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Magic Mike (2012) Movie review

Magic Mike is a 2012 American drama film directed by Steven Soderbergh. It stars Channing Tatum as Magic Mike. It was released on June 29, 2012 in the United States and distributed by Warner Bros.

360MR Rating 6.5/10 Genre – Drama Rating R Directed by Steven Soderbergh Produced by Reid Caroline Greg Jacobs Channing Tatum

Sypnosis Adam (Alex Pettyfer) moves in with his sister in Florida, Brook (Cody Horn). Adam gets a job at a construction company where he also quits same day after he is caught stealing soda. He meets Mike the following day although they first met the previous day. Mike is about entering a club and Adam follows him, eventually gaining entry to the club with Mike’s help. In the club, he learns that Mike is a stripper with the alias ‘Magic Mike’ at Xquisite. Mike gets him acquainted with his boss Donny (Mathew McConaughey) who later agrees to let Adam work as props for that night on Mike’s bidding. The club strippers are always given grugs to improve their performance by the club’s DJ drug dealer, Tobias. An overdose causes one of the dancers to lose control thereby unable to perform. Once again, Mike convinces Adam to fill in for the dancer. Adam performs extremely well and thereafter joins Xquisite with alias ‘The Kid’. Mike’s relationship with Brook grows stronger though they both have bleak relationships. Adam gets entangled with non stop drugs and illicit sexual encounters with clients. It gets more complicated when Adam starts selling drugs for Tobias. On a particular show Mike and Adam were performing, Adam got into a brawl with a pissed boyfriend of a client who overdosed on an ecstacy pill Adam gave her, this cause Mike and Adam to run away leaving Tobias package also without collecting pay for their services, this infuriates Donny. Mike realises his relationship is over when sees his girlfriend at a dinner table with a man she calls her fiance. Thereafter, Brook gets mad at Mike, blaming him for her brother’s recent entanglement. Tobias breaks into Mike’s apartment in search of Adam because of his package. Mike, realising what Adam was into, pays Tobias $10,000 – pretty all of his savings. After a final performance at Xquisite,seemingly his last, Mike leaves without a word. Donny later promotes Adam as Mike’s replacement. Mike later goes to see Brooke, he tells her he has quit before she in turn informs him that Adam told her he paid off his drug debt. They forgive eachother and confess feelings for themselves.

Review To really think there is more affection and ambition in the life of a stripper. Mad Mike presents a whole new horizon to the lives of strippers. I guess its much more than a showcase of their male butt cheeks.

During Pre-production, Channing Tatum stated that he wanted to share his experiences as a stripper in a movie – Apparently, Tatum was a stripper in Tampa when he was just 19.

Mad Mike contains graphic images/nudity. Scenes with both male and females. Though no genitalia shots, bare chested men and women are visible. Visible shots of male buttocks and on two occasions the male penis is shown. Sex is implied but not depicted graphically. I guess we now understand the R rating isn’t for joke.

Mad Mike’s promotional trailer was less conveying of the movie’s actual content. Just ‘a male stripper movie’ . As the movie is definitely deeper than that tag. Movie lovers will see Magic Mike either for two reasons. Firstly, to watch male strippers shake bottoms. If that’s the case, you’ll be satisfied but I guess you’ll get swollen near the centre half of the movie till the end. And also greatly miss the most important aspect of this movie (the second reason). The subject matter; The movie shows there is also personal ambition and struggle of those who display man flesh. So if you went to see Magic Mike for the first reason, you’ll get enough of that until the movie transforms into a series of personal mistakes/regrets and indecision. In Mike’s words “its what I do, not who I am” The characters had a wonderful display especially Alex Pettyfer (Adam) although this isn’t in comparison to Tatum who was spectacular, gradually proving himself not to just be that pretty boy. He offered most of the jokes in the movie as well as Drama. Same goes to McConaughey for a splendid performance. Cody was sensational, never really knew her before but she proved a lot!