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Mad Max: Fury Road

I was only two years old when the first Mad Max came out in theaters. I had seen it several years ago, but I watched it again before seeing the new movie. After seeing Fury Road, I can tell you, you don’t have to watch any of the previous movies to enjoy this latest installment.


All you really need to know is that Max (Tom Hardy) is “mad” due to everything he has survived in this dystopian world. His wife and child were killed and several of his friends. Throughout this movie, he is still dealing with those traumas. The movie is called Mad Max: Fury Road, but the movie should be called Furiosa: Fury Road. Furiosa (Charlize Theron) definitely has more lines than Max, who barely talks. He is bound for the first part of the movie, but it’s also because the crazy, fun ride starts almost immediately and the action is louder than any dialog.


Reasons why I recommend it: 1) I’ve never seen a movie world like it 2) The characters are so unique and bazaar 3) The gals in the movie kick just as much ass as the guys (something you hardly see) 4) The stunts were incredible! Hardly any CGI, practical effects 5) It’s under 2 hours!!!


Director George Miller has created a world I don’t want to live in, but I sure want to go back and visit at least a couple more times.


Inception – Movie Review

Believe me the movie Inception is worth watching multiple times not that you will not understood the movie but for the sheer intensity and presentation. From the director of Memento, Insomnia and Batman franchise we are presented with another gem. There are few movies made which demands the mental presence of viewers, Unlike Indian movies where audiences do not have to use their brain cells and can relax with every song, predictable dialogues, climax, The movie tests the presence of viewers, if you fail to grasp the speed then you are left pondering the sequences that follow.


The movie clearly explains the aspects & parameters of the dream stealing industry with amazing visuals. Thought processing involved in designing the script is stunning and simple. Inception might have had some inspirations but stands tall in its innovation or rather new idea. In reality takes us to a different level of thinking like the sequence where the van is falling into the river. Rather slowly we are pulled into knowing each character as they are revealed. The teams execution of the objective with the working parameters to race against the clock and return successful was rather mesmerizing. Visuals were constantly testing the viewers knowledge in physics , of-course even if you are behind in physics you can still enjoy the visuals where Ellen Page (Ariadne – The Architect) creates the streets, building in the dreams, the fight sequence in 2nd layer of dream where they defy the gravity, Dominic Cobb’s World and of-course the layers of dreams.


Movies with big star cast are often over-hyped, very few movie live to the expectation. Inception rather puts us through the same turmoil faced by the characters. Leonardo DiCaprio has enacted disturbed characters in Numerous movies (Ex. Shutter Island, Departed, Blood Diamond) still brings a fresh life to Dom’s character and delivers a powerful performance. The casting has been wise with the actors creating what is needed. Tom Hardy as Eames punches us with many one liners and the actress as Dom’s Wife is worth mentioning.


Part of the script is predictable like when Ellen page is introduced as a better architect then DiCaprio it becomes obvious that she’s going to play the second major character in the movie. Follow the hero troubled quarters, the dream world he has created and find the serious threat hanging over others from the main characters wife.


I do not want to share the story, rather it has to be watched and experienced.


Inception has great idea planted in the story with a powerful script, good acting, amazing direction, stunning visuals, good enough to be nominated for “Movies to be watched before you die”. The movie should be watched for its originality and genuine way of story telling even though its complexly confusing.